When you think of Greek food, you think of hot roasted slivers of gyro meat, mouth-watering souvlakis and marinated brochettes. Maybe you even think of crisp fried calamari – a classic Greek food favourite.

However, for vegetarians (or for that occasional day when you want to eat like one), options are often limited to salads or small sides at many Greek take-out spots in the city. If you’re not excited by the prospect of eating meat and you live in the greater Ottawa region, you need to take a look at the Greek on Wheels menu.

Our Vegetarian Greek Food Options

We have a vegetarian section that offers six different veggie platters in addition to choices of veg-friendly sides and salads. We offer a Falafel Platter, Greek Vegetarian Platter, Spanakopita Platter, Mediterranean Veggie Combo, Greek Combo, and Pikilia for Two. All of our dishes are unique and made with fresh ingredients, made to order.

Going Vegetarian in Canada

33 % of the population –12 million people in Canada – have stated that they are eating less meat and/or maintain a vegetarian diet. In Ontario, 8% of people are vegetarian and 23% are trying to eat less meat. Naturally, this means the restaurant industry must learn to be vegetarian-friendly. The notion that vegetarian diets are lacking in protein is fading away and it is important to realize that there are many ways to enjoy food and get the nutrition our bodies need. We really do recognize this and that is why we have made our restaurant a great option for vegetarians.

Being accessible to you is important to us so we have six locations in Ottawa ready for Greek take-out and delivery – and for all your catering needs. If you are ever in need of food for a large gathering, take a look at our Greek food catering menu here.