One quick look at the map of Greece and you will immediately see why the sea, and especially the fish that swim in it, is so important to Greek cuisine. Greece is a country jam-packed with culture, art, history, and a long tradition of delicious seafood, and we are proud to carry on this storied art form at our Greek restaurant in Ottawa. Our Greek delivery and take-out specialties served with a modern twist are delicious, nutritious and conveniently brought right to your door quickly to ensure maximum freshness. Here are our best delivery and take-out foods for seafood lovers.

Calamari & Wedge Fries Value Box

This traditional Mediterranean food served with a modern Western twist is great for a quick lunch that won’t weigh you down. Our battered calamari is packed with delicious flavour and can be delivered straight to you while still hot enough to be enjoyed. Wedge fries round out the meal and make for a great contrast in flavour. Any seafood lover will be counting down the minutes until lunch time for this one.

Grilled Shrimp Kebob Platter

Kebobs are one of the oldest attested Eastern Mediterranean foods, and a staple of Greek culture. Something about the delicious simplicity of grilled meat cooked to perfection and eaten off of a skewer just grabs hold of the imagination. Our grilled shrimp kebob platter is perfect for delivery in that it is simple to transport and easy to keep warm for eating. The 8 pieces can serve a group of co-workers, or maybe just one really hungry seafood lover. It’s up to you.

Shrimp Provincial Platter

Shrimp are one of the most widely used ingredients in seafood because they are simple to cook and chock-full of taste. Our shrimp provincial platter combines sautéed shrimp with creamy cheddar sauce & tomatoes. We serve it with rice pilaf and our very own Greek On Wheels roasted potatoes. You can have it right on your table or desk in no time and feed the family quickly and conveniently. Delivery never tasted so good!

Greek restaurants are known for quality seafood, and we’re carrying on that tradition with our Greek delivery menu. These are our best delivery foods for seafood lovers. Take advantage of these healthy, affordable, and delicious foods delivered directly to your home or office. Call us today and we’ll be right over!