As you likely know, Greek On Wheels offers a wide selection of delicious Greek dishes that you can have catered for your holiday party. We all know that Christmas and New Years (as well as many other December/January holidays) are fast approaching… so wouldn’t it be nice to get all of your meal plans wrapped up and figured out before the festivities start?

Greek cuisine might not be the typical choice for a lot of holiday parties… but you might agree that a little change of pace could really kick your party up a notch when it comes to planning the menu.

So here are 4 reasons to have your holiday party catered with Greek on Wheels.

Because It Is Delicious

Greek On Wheels can cater-up a wide variety of different Greek foods, as well as plenty of foods from similar styles of cuisine. But we have not been a leading caterer in the Ottawa area for years for nothing.

Our food is not just ‘Greek.’ It is delicious.

Whether you’re looking for light salads, scrumptious chicken, or a heartier dish like calamari or even gyros… you can’t go wrong with Greek on Wheels if you’re looking for something that will really appeal to all of your guests.

Because It Is More Convenient

Parties require a lot of effort and work. Even if you aren’t planning to decorate, you will still likely be super busy with cleaning and preparations for festivities and games. And even if that isn’t enough, you might even have to work earlier that day (many people do). Plus, if you have kids, then you probably already know exactly how much effort preparing for a party can require as a parent.

So getting food catered can take a huge amount of work and responsibility off of your shoulders. Imagine how nice it would be to not have to worry about cooking, burning food, shopping for the groceries, getting everything set up and ready, etc.

Well, Greek On Wheels can help!

Because Greek Food Is Different

A lot of people eat the same staples at every holiday party. Yes, ham, turkey, and the like are all common, beloved parts of the holiday season… and we all know that parties often include basic finger foods… but don’t you think that some people get a bit ‘burned out’ on all of this throughout the year?

Trust us when we say this. Ordering something different (like Greek food) for your party will be an absolute hit. And Greek food is perfect in the sense that it provides a range of unusual tastes, textures, and combinations. A lot of people cater things like sub sandwiches to parties… which is still totally awesome. But Greek food provides an entirely new (and dare we say, exotic) component that will make your party and even bigger hit with your guests.

Because It Is Affordable

Getting professional catering is often heads-and-shoulders above cooking your own food in terms of cost. It can be worth it—but not everyone wants to spend that kind of money on it.

But Greek On Wheels offers professional-level catering at a price that you could barely even cook your own meal for!

That is the great thing about our establishment. We cook fine, modern Greek cuisine with a contemporary twist—but we also keep costs on the ground so that you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to enjoy a fine meal.

So this holiday season, consider getting Greek On Wheels to cater your next party or event. There are a lot of reasons to at least give us a try… so feel free to view our catering page for more information.