Feel Like Lamb? Here Are Some Awesome Options For You

Many foodies describe lamb as the perfect meat for you if you’re ‘bored’ with chicken, but don’t wish to eat beef because of the high fat content. Lamb is not just a delicious food… it is also actually one of the healthier meets that you can eat. It contains quality levels of protein and iron, […]

4 Reasons To Have Your Holiday Party Catered With Greek On Wheels

As you likely know, Greek On Wheels offers a wide selection of delicious Greek dishes that you can have catered for your holiday party. We all know that Christmas and New Years (as well as many other December/January holidays) are fast approaching… so wouldn’t it be nice to get all of your meal plans wrapped […]

Why Greek Food?

It is no secret that people LOVE Greek food. But why? Can this love for a particular type of cuisine be quantified and broken down into something that we can identify and replicate? And if so… what elements are the most important? Greek On Wheels has been into Greek cuisine for years… and while we […]

Want To Lose Weight? Here Are 3 Of Our Healthiest Meal Options

Eating healthier is never a bad idea… especially if you are a little bit overweight and are planning on losing a few pounds. Thankfully, simple changes in diet can add up to big changes in health and well-being over-time… and simply choosing the right types of foods when you eat could make all of the […]

3 Health Benefits Of Greek Food That You Are Probably Unaware Of

Many people don’t realize that Greek food is some of the healthiest food that you can consume. The traditional Greek diet (also known as the Mediterranean diet) comes from how people used to eat in the areas surrounding places like Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Greece… and is well known for both the delicious nature of […]

4 Advantages To Getting Food Delivered For Lunch At Your Workplace

Restaurants that deliver to your home are becoming more and more popular as of late, for many different reasons. People just don’t have as much time as they used to have, and sometimes, eating out just takes up far too much of it. But you may be surprised to learn that many people are also […]

4 Reasons For Why Delivery Is Becoming A Hot New Foodie Trend

Delivery food-service is literally taking the food-world by storm. We’ve always had pizza delivery—but now, more and more restaurants are finding that it’s actually a lot more popular to deliver than it has been in a long, long time. Delivery may even be more popular than it has ever been. But why? Why is delivery […]

Best Spring Dishes From Greek On Wheels

Spring is just around the corner—which also means that everyone is going to want to change up their eating habits. Generally, winter is a season of heavier meals, while springtime is a season of light, diverse, and nutrient-rich cuisine choices to fit with the more active lifestyle of the pre-summer months. But what dishes does […]

Best Lamb Dishes From Greek On Wheels

Lamb is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, and is served for special occasions in many different cultures. It’s lean, tender, and delicious—but it can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look! Not every corner café or family restaurant offers lamb on their menu—and those that do often […]

The Best Chicken Dishes from Greek On Wheels

Chicken is one of the most popular meats across the globe and it’s easy to see why—not only is chicken delicious, it’s also a great source of protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown that eating poultry can also help control weight, cholesterol and blood pressure, and help to reduce the […]