Most people enjoy a quick snack or bite to eat outside of regular meal times. In fact, nutritionists area that snacking when you feel hungry in between meals is a healthy way to gain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you may be missing during breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you’re looking for a fast, affordable and delicious mid-day snack, Greek On Wheels has a number of ideal options for you. Here are some of the top snacking options from our Greek food take-out menu.

Hummus and Pita

A popular Mediterranean appetizer, hummus and pita is a great snacking option for anyone looking for a quick, simple and satisfying bite to eat. Our warmed Greek pita is a great treat in both winter and summer, and our original recipe hummus will have your mouth watering for more!


A classic Greek snack food for centuries, this spinach-stuffed pastry is the perfect thing to pick up on the way home after work or for an after-gym snack. This flakey, savoury dish is a great way to keep your energy up and stave off hunger without ruining your appetite for the next meal of the day.

Garlic Bread

Nothing is more simple and satisfying than a nicely toasted piece of garlic bread. For a more significant snack, Greek On Wheels also offer garlic bread with cheese and garlic bread with cheese and bacon.

While many people overlooking snacking, having a small bite to eat in between meals is actually an important part of a balanced diet. Next time you’re feeling a little bit peckish before lunch or dinner, don’t just go for your usual chocolate bar or bag of chips. Choose the healthy and delicious snacking options with snack foods from Greek On Wheels. We have a number of locations through Ottawa, as well as delivery, so you can always get the snack you need. Browse our menu for more snacking options, and give us a call today to get delicious Greek food delivered straight to your door.