Many foodies describe lamb as the perfect meat for you if you’re ‘bored’ with chicken, but don’t wish to eat beef because of the high fat content. Lamb is not just a delicious food… it is also actually one of the healthier meets that you can eat.

It contains quality levels of protein and iron, but there are also other benefits. It offers a low cancer risk due to the presence of higher levels of vitamin B and selenium, but it also presents a lower risk of heart disease. If you have never eaten lamb, then the best way to describe it is as a meat that is ‘firmer’ than chicken, but not as firm as beef.

It is a full-flavored meat that you can definitely smell. It has a signature scent and flavor that many people end up loving after they’ve tried it.

And here at Greek On Wheels, we have several lamb options for carry out and delivery that can make any family dinner or party even better… and whether you are looking to try it for the first time or are already a lamb-fan, we have the staples to get your event (or lunch/dinner) off to an awesome start!

6” Souvlaki, 4.5 oz

If you are looking for a value box that will give you more than your fill of quality, flavorful lamb, our classic Souvlaki sells for just $11.99, though you can get it made with lamb or beef for an additional $1.50. It comes served with rice, Tzatziki dip, and potato and Greek salad as well.

We carry this delicious Greek staple made with chicken or pork as well, though lamb is by far one of our most popular variations.

Souvlaki Pita Wrap

In this modern twist on our classic lamb Souvlaki, we offer you a choice of chicken, pork, beef, or lamb… and roll the dish in pita bread. We then mix it with onions and tomatoes, and drizzle it with our staple Tzatziki sauce.

This dish sells for just $8.99 if you order the lamb, which makes it a low-price option that’s perfect for a quick business lunch or a summer family dinner.

Order it with a Chicken Caesar Salad to add even more value if you’re super-hungry. This will create a larger feast that you could even split between two people!

Lamb Chops Specialty Platter (#51)

This specialty platter comes with 4 juicy, flavorful Lamb Chops. It is also served with roasted potatoes, rice pilaf, and a Greek salad. Tzatziki dip is included on the side for those who like to use it as a dipping sauce. This entire platter costs just $19.99, and offers an incredible value for the money!

If you’re looking for an awesome option that will definitely leave you satisfied (and help you to get your lamb-cravings under control), then we would definitely recommend giving this, our premium-quality lamb dish, a try.

And Don’t Forget, We Deliver!

We maintain 6 locations in Ottawa, making it easy to find a location where delivery is not just possible, but also super-fast and convenient.

If you’ve never tried our delivery service before, don’t hesitate to make the leap and give it a try.

Seriously… it is, hands down, the easiest way to plan a sit-down, at-home dinner without being required to fire up the oven and cook it yourself.

Plus, getting food delivered cuts down on time that you might have spent picking up carry-out. And when you take into account that traffic can sometimes get crazy, delivery makes even more sense… especially for the busy family on a schedule!