There is a story behind every name.  Whether it is a person, an object, or a place, there can be a lot of history behind how something got its name.  For example, the iconic and historical Greek city of Athens has a wonderful tale behind it that any Athenian can be proud of.  Here is a little piece of the story of how Athens got its name:

The Myth

Long ago in ancient Greece, there was a great city that was filling with people quickly.  The city was growing and growing and eventually caught the eyes of two gods from Mount Olympus: Poseidon and Athena.  Poseidon was the god of the sea of course, and Athena was the goddess of tactics, wisdom, and craftsmanship.  Both of these powerful deities wanted to be the patron god for this great city.  But Greece is the birthplace of democracy, so of course it was up to the vote of the people when it came to deciding who would be the namesake of their city.

Each god gathered the best they had to offer to the city.  Poseidon offered water – but being the god of the sea, it was saltwater, which wasn’t very useful to the people of Athens. Athena bestowed upon the city the great and iconic olive tree.  It provided shade, wood, and best of all – olives and their wonderful oil.  This of course made Athena the winner and the city was subsequently named after the goddess.

The Athens Gyro

At Greek on Wheels we pay homage to the great city of Athens by offering a gyro in the Athenian style. What distinguishes this type of gyro? In addition to the savoury meat and typical dressing of tomatoes, onions and tzatziki, the Athens style gyro includes wedge fries in the wrap. You probably don’t see these types of gyros every day – but it’s actually a common way to serve them in Athens!

Next time you’re in the mood for some great Greek take-out in Ottawa, come to Greek on Wheels for a signature Athens gyro and pay tribute to that great city.