If you’re a health-conscious person, it can be a challenge to maintain a nutritious diet when you don’t feel like cooking and decide to order some take-out. Watching what you eat is a great practice, but who doesn’t need a break sometimes? Well, what if we told you that you don’t need to compromise on your choices when you order from Greek on Wheels? Here’s why.

On our menu, we have a bunch of options to ensure that you can customize your meal. Customizing your meal to the desired calorie-intake is a great option if you’re looking to make healthy food choices.


Choosing a salad with leafy greens, vegetables and olives, along with a small portion of chicken will keep your meal low in calories and ensure you get enough protein.

If you’re having meat, you should opt out of feta cheese or ask for a reduced portion. If you are a vegetarian, the feta can be your main source of protein.

Kebabs / Souvlaki

Souvlakis and kebabs can be one part of a low calorie meal. Pork and lamb souvlakis will be higher in calories than chicken is – so that is your best option if you’re looking to stick to a health-conscious diet.

Chicken kebabs are 260 calories – which isn’t too bad.  The secret to enjoying souvlaki without worrying that you’re taking in too many calories is to make sure your sides compliment your intentions of eating a low-calorie meal.

Having more salad than rice rather than a rice and potato combination, will ensure that your meal suits your diet. Staying clear of rich dressings as well will also be to your benefit.

Portion Control

What you can always do is order whatever you want but just eat half the portion you receive. A big issue with taking in an excess of calories is simply because of the temptation to eat a much larger portion than necessary. Split your portion in half and share it with a family member, or save it for lunch the next day!

At Greek on Wheels, we take the time to understand the modern-day needs of our customers. When it comes to healthy Greek take-out and delivery choices, you can rely on us when you take the night off from cooking!