At Greek On Wheels, we’ve been listening to our customer feedback and know that our customers are looking for delicious takeout meals that aren’t greasy, fatty, or bad for your health. We’ve been working hard in the Greek On Wheels kitchen to come up with some tasty new menu items that pack a flavour punch while being good to your gut. Therefore, we are very proud to introduce, our NEW Greek On Wheels Bowls!

Greek On Wheels Bowls are a fresh range of menu items offering a lean, protein-packed meal choice for the health conscious takeout eater. All of our bowls contain only the freshest and tastiest ingredients, from artichokes, beets, radishes and quinoa, to homemade creamy garlic sauce and hummus! Read on to learn more about each bowl:


Chicken Shawarma Bowl

A mouthwatering grilled chicken breast sits atop a salad of cucumber, beets, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, spring greens and our signature quinoa-rice combo. All served up with a helping of our house-made hummus. How can you say no?


Shrimp Bowl

Are you a seafood lover? Then this is the bowl for you! We’ve layered our quinoa-rice blend with spring greens, tomatoes, olives, artichokes, onions, topped it off with delicious grilled shrimp and served up a creamy garlic dressing on the side!


Falafel Bowl

Are you a fan of our falafel wrap or platter? Now you can choose the guilt-free falafel option with our tasty new bowl! On top of our quinoa-rice blend sits a salad of spring greens, radish, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, turnips, our signature falafel and a side of tahini dressing!


Vegetarian Bowl

No meat? No problem! Our flavorful vegetarian bowl offers a protein punch in the form of our tasty marinated beans, pickled artichokes, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, spring greens and our quinoa-rice blend, served with a side of hummus. Yum!


Gyro Bowl

We decided to come up with a healthy twist on our classic gyro, and the Gyro Bowl was born! On top of our quinoa-rice blend and spring greens sits a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, olives, bell pepper, and our mouthwatering gyro meat.


Whatever your flavour, our new range of Greek On Wheels Bowls have something to suit every taste. The most important question is… which one will you eat first? Give us a call or order online today and give one a try!