As you likely know, Greek On Wheels is one of the most trusted names in food delivery in the Ottawa area. In fact, our services were voted ‘Best Take-Out & Delivery’ by the Ottawa X-Press Readers Poll for 13 years in a row!

But believe it or not, a lot of people in the Ottawa area still have not tried our delivery services—and this is understandable.

To put it bluntly, getting food delivered can sometimes be something that people perceive as ‘wasteful’ or ‘complicated.’ Why get it delivered when you can just grab something yourself close-by?

Well, there are a lot of reasons for why you should probably try a delicious delivery order from Greek On Wheels, especially during a busy workday. It can save you time, hassle, and frustration, and can ensure that you get the food you need to re-boost yourself for the remaining part of the day.

But what should you order?

Well, we’ve got you covered. These favorites from our modern Greek menu will be sure to give you the energy you need while delivering flavors and deliciousness that anyone can appreciate.

Our Value Boxes

Our Value Boxes sell for just $11.99, making them very budget-minded. But they are also perfect for delivery during a work-day lunch because they provide you with not just a main course, but also a side or two.

There is most certainly a Value Box for everyone on our menu, though one of our most popular offerings is the 6” Souvlaki 4.5 Oz. This awesome value box lunch comes with rice, Tzatziki dip, potato and Greek salad, and can be made with your choice of chicken or pork. For an extra $1.50, you can even get it made with lamb or beef!

Try An Appetizer (Or Two!)

Sometimes, you may not want a full-fledged meal in the middle of the day. And for those customers, we may recommend an appetizer or two. The great thing about our appetizer selection is that you get a broad price range and a lot of options.

Looking for something really light? Get the Hummus with 2 Pita breads for just $6.59. Pair this with Garlic Bread with cheese for just $4.69 to add some additional energy to the meal, or add some Greek Potatoes for just $4.99 if you need something a bit ‘heartier.’

How About A Salad?

One of our most popular options for workday lunch deliveries is our Greek ‘n Chicken Salad. For just $9.49, you get a marinated breast of chicken, fresh romaine lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, bell peppers, Kalamata olives, and feta cheese. This gets topped with our famous Greek On Wheels Dressing.

Of course, for the same price, you can also go with the ever-popular Chicken Caesar Salad. This salad features fresh Romaine lettuce, strips of marinated chicken breast, croutons, bacon bits, parmesan cheese, and creamy Caesar dressing.

We also have other salad options as well, including a Greek Salad, a Horiatiki Salad, and even a Tabouleh Salad.

Any of these options should be able to give you the energy to get you through the day without wrecking your bank account—so consider giving us a call or ordering online at one of our Ottawa locations.

We are proud to serve this great city, and look forward to the possibility of delivering your next workday lunch!