Life can get pretty busy, but it’s important to remember that no matter how hectic your day is, it will be even harder to get through without a few good meals in your stomach.  At Greek on Wheels, we know what you need to fuel your day – and we’re a Greek restaurant that knows how to make it convenient and tasty. Available for take-out and delivery, here are our best options for getting yourself fed while still staying busy.

(#1) Souvlaki Pita Wrap 

This delicious pita comes with your choice of chicken, pork, lamb, or beef, as well as vegetables, onions, tomatoes, all drizzled with a traditional Greek tzatziki sauce.  The best part is that the whole thing easily fits in the palm of your hand!  Whether you are on the move and walking somewhere, or eating as you work, a souvlaki is a great way to get you fed efficiently without a lot of cleanup afterwards.

(G6) Spanakopita & Spicy Wedge Fries

Spanakopita is a delicious and savoury Greek pastry.  It has a filling of spinach, feta cheese, scallions, egg and various subtle seasonings.  It is a great option to get some vegetables into your system in a very tasty way.  Pair it with some seasoned potato wedge fries along with a serving of tzatziki sauce, and you have yourself a delicious and well-balanced option for your meal.

(G4) Wrap & Salad

You can’t go wrong with this combination.  Pick any kind of wrap with your choice of contents, and you’ll have yourself a quick and satisfying lunch while still maintaining a healthy diet.  Warm, toasty pita bread wrapping up all your favourite ingredients is sure to make your stomach happy, and with a traditional Greek salad, you’ll be a lot closer to satisfying your daily amount of vegetables.

Even if you’re really busy, you should never skip a meal – that could throw off your body’s whole rhythm.  When you are on the go all day, take a moment to grab one of these easy and delicious meals. They’ll help you make it to the end of the day with a smile on your face.