It’s hockey season! In Ottawa, the Sens have a several upcoming games scheduled and we couldn’t be more excited. Hockey season is a great time to gather all your friends and family to watch the games and spend time together. This season usually coincides with some of the busiest times of the year so take the time to kick back, have a drink, enjoy some great take-out food and and relax. Here are some delicious Greek food take-out and delivery options from Greek on Wheels.

Value Boxes

You’re in the middle of a game, you’ve tried to call for a pizza but the lines are jammed. Then, you remember… Greek on Wheels! We’ll forgive you this time, but trust us; you’ll make us your first choice once you try a value box.

Each value box we have is totally customizable to your needs. You can order a bunch of light meal / snack value boxes and share among each other. Or, you can order your own box with a complete meal. This is perfect if you have someone in your family or friend circle who has a dietary restriction like a gluten intolerance. They can choose to have their own value box tailored to their needs!

Light meals/ Snacks

Our lighter meals value boxes include:

  • Spanakopita & spicy wedge fries
  • Calamari & wedge fries
  • Chicken fingers & wedge fries


Our full meal value boxes include:

  • 6” chicken or pork Souvlaki served with rice, tzatziki, potato and Greek salad
  • Chicken Breast served with rice, tzatziki, potato and Greek salad –gluten free option
  • Lamb or beef wrap and spicy wedge fries
  • Spanakopita, rice and spicy wedge fries
  • Chicken burger and wedge fries

If you’re vegetarian, we also have a vegetarian section of our menu, where you can choose from a range of veggie platters that include items like falafel, Greek salad, tabbouleh salad, spanakopita, dolmas, roast potatoes and rice pilaf.

Remember that we have six locations serving Ottawa with steroids australia delicious Greek food take-out – so you will be able to order with ease, get your food on time without a long wait and it will be hot and ready to eat. Enjoy the game season with Greek on Wheels!