Greek food has long been associated with health and longevity. One of the aspects of Greek food that has been widely adopted in Western cultures is the olive, and of course olive oil. We use olive oil for everything, from stir-fries to salad dressing. Most people understand that olive oil is a ‘healthy oil.’ Smart and nutrition-aware shoppers are willing to spend a little more on their grocery list to get olive oil over the much cheaper vegetable oil alternative. However, if you ask most people why olive oil is great, you might get some very unsure answers!

At Greek On Wheels, we think you should know all about this amazing Greek food essential. Every time you order from us, your delicious Greek take-out will most likely contain olive oil – and sometimes olives as well! So let’s see what is so great about this celebrated superfood.

Olives: The Facts

  • Olives contain a high amount of monounsaturated fat. This particular type of fat is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, and generally lower your risk of heart disease. We’re not saying that you should overdo it and put it on everything, but you should definitely make olive oil (and Greek food) part of your diet.
  • Olives contain an astounding number of nutrients that help with your overall health and work as anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants. Much cheaper and more proven than other nutritional fads, the olive has been working wonders for overall health since the days of Plato.

At Greek on Wheels, we’ve been using olives in our dishes for over 20 years, from Greek take-out to Greek catering in Ottawa.  We’ve also been voted best take-out and delivery in Ottawa by the Ottawa X-Press Reader’s Poll for 13 years and counting. We like to think that olive oil has a little something to do with our longevity and success. Call us today and find out for yourself!