It’s late. You’ve been working all day, and you really want a home cooked meal. But it’s dark outside and only pizza is open, right? Wrong. Greek on Wheels is open till 11 pm on Mon, Tues, Weds, and Thurs (and until midnight on Friday) to provide you with amazing Greek food delivery. We guarantee that your body will thank you for this healthy and filling option.

Try the Value Box Chicken Breast – it’s only $10.99 and it comes with rice, tzatziki dip, potato and Greek salad. (That’s a protein, carbs, and vegetables. You’re a real adult now.)

You’re on a date and you don’t know what he/she likes – or even if he or she eats meat. Call us – we have a vegetarian option, a meat option, and a seafood option.

Our advice to you is to consider picking out a selection to share. Try two of our platters (after you know if he/she’s vegetarian or not.) Greek food is great to share – the dipping lends itself to communal eating.

Also, you should definitely order the calamari. It’s inherently romantic – try saying calamari out loud. See what I mean? And cake. We have amazing strawberry and black forest cake.  Pair your take-out dinner with some wine and you’ll feel like you’ve found the Mediterranean Sea in Canada’s capital.

You just got home and you have to leave again. Order one of our wraps for take-out – they are unbelievably filling and the protein in them means they’ll keep you going for hours. Also, you can totally eat them without cutlery and while in transit. (Just don’t eat one on the bus. Everyone will hate you for making them hungry.)

You’re holding a work meeting, and nobody wants to be there. You know the way to your employees’ hearts is through their stomach, right? Try our Ottawa catering service. You can get a full, enjoyable meal for only 13.99 a person. You know everybody thinks better with a full stomach. Also, they can’t complain if their mouths are full!