It is no secret that people LOVE Greek food.

But why? Can this love for a particular type of cuisine be quantified and broken down into something that we can identify and replicate? And if so… what elements are the most important?

Greek On Wheels has been into Greek cuisine for years… and while we do combine traditional elements with a more modern twist, we like to think that we know about as much as anyone else about why Greek food is so popular.

And here is our opinion.

It Provides A Diversity Of Flavors

At the forefront of what makes Greek food so popular is probably the taste. But what gives it a taste that people love?

The truth is that this comes mostly from diversity. The blends of peppers, citruses, oils, cheeses, and grilled meat really help to set the taste of Greed food apart from other foods. But this unique blend of tastes also excites the taste buds in a way that not many other blends can accomplish.

Take, for example, our value boxes. Our Souvlaki Box combines the more neutral flavor of rice, with the rich oil-and-garlic texture of Tzatziki dip. But then you also get the salty-peppery-flavorful taste of the pork, chicken, lamb, or beef—whichever you decide to order with it. Crunchy potatoes set the whole thing off as a balance to the tender meats… giving this range of flavors some serious diversity… the kind that’s harder to find at a burger stand or a taco hut.

It Offers A Range Of Textures

Texture plays almost as big a role as flavor when it comes to Greek food. You have pita breads, wholesome meats, melted cheeses, fried-potatoes, thick garlic-infused dips, incredible calamari, mouth-watering chicken, etc.

When you put many of these together (the most classic examples of these on our menu are probably the Athens Gyro of the Beef Donair), you get a blend of textures that really brings out the flavor and enhances it.

This makes it ‘pop’ in a way that surprises your taste buds, and creates another level of diversity. This is also why people do not tend to get as ‘tired’ of Greek food as they might of other foods… like pizza or pasta, which do not usually have as many different textures as Greek food.

It’s Healthy

And finally, people also tend to choose Greek food because it is just plain healthier for you. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t much nutritional value in a fully-loaded grease-burger. You’re also going to have a tough time explaining a diet of pizza and/or fried chicken to your doctor later on!

But Greek food really helps to take the health-part of the equation to a different level. From vegetables, to healthy fats and oils, to lighter meats that are generally prepared in heart-healthy styles, Greek food will put less of a strain on your body than a lot of comfort-foods on your radar.

Greek food is also very closely related to Mediterranean food, which is known for being a valuable source of lean proteins, olive oil, seeds, nuts, unprocessed grains, and other wholesome foods… like fish and legumes.

Did you know that people who live around the Mediterranean Sea enjoy a lower risk of certain types of cancers and heart disease? They also tend to live longer than average… and many of these factors can be at least partly attributed to their nutritious and heart-healthy diet.

So give Greek food a try, and discover for yourself what makes it one of the most popular types of cuisine in the world today. You certainly won’t be disappointed!